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EXHIBITION «Art Unites the World: EAST-WEST»

The international exhibition “Art Unites the World: EAST-WEST” in Brussels can be considered as a great achievement in both the cultural and humanitarian areas. The exhibition is held in the Frizon Horta Foundation museum house, built by the great Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta in 1894. The exhibition will last until October 14, 2023

The exhibition strives to be truly international, bringing together artists from India, China, Japan, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, and Armenia. The works of several great contemporary artists, such as Yuan Shun and Yuri Kuper, whose pieces are exhibited in some of the world’s largest museums, are presented alongside the works of young artists such as Tanaya Rao from India and Dima Sukhov from Russia. The “Art Unites the World” project seeks to bring well deserved exposure to these talented young artists. It revives cultural exchange between continents and opens up new names to the world.

“Art Unites the World: East-West” main idea cognates to the general concept of IMMI ART. IMMI ART artists have a series of paintings which perfectly correlates with the exhibition thematics. Two artworks - “Wheel of Samsara” and “New Era” by Irina Kovalevskaya were chosen to be exhibited.

Project «Art Unites the World»:
Hirofumi Takemoto
Arleta Cehic
Yuan Shun
Irina Kovalevskaya
Jutta Bobby
Дмитрий Алексеевич Сухов - Dima Suhov
Yuri Kuper
Sobre Bernardo Aja
Baptist Coelho
Tanaya Rao Raj
Enzo Rosamilia
Philippe Leblanc
Samvel Stepanyan
Nupur Tron
Pick Keobandith
Desiree Meza-Mesia
Jasmin Gong
Marianna Gnezdilova
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