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On April 27, the MASTERSKAYA, a cozy gallery with special aesthetics, hosted the exhibition of the artistic union XOLST “ESG ART. Soul Ecology”.

The exhibition included works by Marianna Chayka and Irina Kovalevskaya, united by the common theme of the ecology of the soul, body, thought and the surrounding space. The exhibition is designed to reflect the changes which take place in the world.

We live in the era of global changes and the Anthropocene. Only one thing is constant in this reality - endless changes. In this dramatic metamorphosis, both the internal state of a person and the ecology of the planet suffer.
Irina Kovalevskaya says: “It is impossible to separate nature from the economy now. The more active the humanity is, the more acute the issue of environmental pollution becomes. Civilization is extremely intensively mastering and filling the media space. Toxic information flows and emissions have no less devastating impact on humanity and the planet than natural disasters.”

One of the central exposition objects was the triptych "Reflections" by Marianna Chayka that suggestscogitating on how circles and reflections on the water surface resonate with the human essence. Being the center of a small impulse, our actions diverge into the outside world and then return back to us.

MAKE SENSE, the communication agency with expertise in the art economy, was responsible for the concept and idea this year.

The organizers approached the nuances of the current situation as environmentally friendly and carefully as possible and provided the guests with the possibility to enjoy the paintings without being distracted by secular duties of posing for cameras.
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