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From November 23 to 27, 2022 in the Gostiny Dvor exhibitions - 48th Russian Antique Salon and Lifestyle "Art of interior" were held.

The exhibition was attended by the creative association IMMI.
This is an incredibly interesting creative union of two original and brilliant artists, Irina Kovalevskaya and Marianna Chayka.
Both have a bright individual style of creativity.
Irina paints bold, full of dynamics and color figurative works, Marianne consistently develops the traditions of Impressionism.

Despite the stylistic differences, the paintings of Irina and Marianne are distinguished by the unity of the creative approach - work with light, the saturation of color with meaning, a conceptual approach to the development of the universe by means and art. Their works remind me of the poetry of William Blake with his "In a single moment to see eternity, the vast world - in a grain of sand, in a single handful - infinity, and the sky - in the cup of a flower.

The collaboration began in 2011 with joint field trips and grew into a close collaboration at all levels and led to the creation of their own creative space in the center of Moscow. Irina and Marianna work there and hold exhibitions and events that allow them to promote a very important idea: art shapes, determines and changes an interior.

The emotional and energetic impact of works of art is such that one painting on the wall can create the character of the house. At the IMMI booth we saw this effect clearly - and we actually looked into the artists' studio, touched their work and the atmosphere of creativity.

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