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The IMMI Gallery of Contemporary Art on Prechistenka hosted the opening of the exhibition «I'M» on June 7th.

The name “I’M” - “I AM” holds the action of life, the feeling of awareness and presence in this world, the intention. The exhibition calls out to everyone to feel their identity, their status for today, which shapes our future. The exposition will embody not only the new life of the gallery, its renewed incarnation, but also the external manifestations of reality through the prism of the creative experience of artists who prefer to "stay on the sunny side of the road."

More than ten years ago, artists began to develop their own unique style. The experience of plein-air painting combined with experimental painting techniques were embodied in new approaches. Starting from the impulse received from the nature, the artists go further and deeper, creating images that are both realistic and fantasy. There are features of abstract aesthetics in many of their works, and light becomes the driving force of the plot.

“With my art I try to convince the viewer that evolution is an unfolding scroll, everything moves only forward and only towards the light. But in order to see it, sometimes it is necessary to radically change the angle of view,” says Marianna Chayka, the IMMI gallery artist.

The direct meaning of the gallery's name is I aM Marianna & Irina. The internal decoding of the abbreviation refers to the aesthetic code of these artists. Imagination of Microcosm & Macrocosmic Impulse. Marianna Chayka and Irina Kovalevskaya explore the line between impression and insight in their paintings, working at the intersection of figurative and abstract language.

IMMI is an immersive gallery of two contemporary artists Marianna Chayka and Irina Kovalevskaya. A place in the center of Moscow with a special atmosphere, combining the exposition space and the workshop. SoIMMI guests will simultaneously contact two dimensions: interact with works of art and with the environment in which they are created. IMMI will offer a unique experience to its visitors - the immersion into the alchemy of creativity.

MAKE SENSE, the Agency with art economy expertise, who are the organizers and the curators of the exhibition, decided to connect several cultural worlds this time. The guests of the “I’M” exhibition were presented with the vision of Sergei Soroka, the designer of the Soroka on course brand, and his understanding of “I’M Fashion”. The show-performance was staged by the director-choreographer Ekaterina Mallinder and included the digital art projection “IMpulse” from the IMMI gallery. Art mapping has become a key symbol of the gallery's transformation into a contemporary art space. The interaction of light and color with the reflective surfaces correlated with the overall concept of the event. The artists, Marianna and Irina, invite their audience to solve a non-linear mystery: how the original external impulse, refracted by the artist’s individual consciousness, becomes an original work of art.

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