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Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia

A modern Russian artist with a non-trivial biography, she came to the territory of art from the sphere of academic science. There is duality in Irina's canvases, they simultaneously appeal to the sensual and conscious experience of the viewer. They are distinguished by a special semantic palette, when the color itself transmits information.

The ethnic memory of the artist also combined two aspects - Irina has both, Latvian and Russian roots, European and Russian cultural experience. Irina inherited the skill of analytical thinking and creative understanding of reality from her father, who was a journalist and writer, and also got a romantic attitude from her mother.

The theme of Irina Kovalevskaya's canvas can be the sound landscape of the city, the elusive sensory of a particular moment, or the impression that prompted the artist to a philosophical generalization. Everything that can be defined by the concept of "intellectual impressionism".

Today, the artist's priority is to create art that works on multiple levels. These canvases provide an opportunity to have a direct sensory experience for the neophytes, while the connoisseurs of painting are invited into the space of multidimensional meanings.

The environmental agenda has much importance in Irina Kovalevskaya’s work, but this topic is never narrowly resolved, it is not reduced to the problems of environmental initiatives. Irina comprehends the very laws of the evolutionary process and evaluates the results of human activity globally.

2022 – “ESG ART. Soul Ecology” as part of the “ECO BEST” award. Moscow.
2022 - Exhibition "I'M". IMMI Gallery. Moscow.
2022 - ESG ART. Soul Ecology. IMMI. Moscow.
2021 - NOSTALGIA Virtual Exhibition. The Holy Art Gallery. London.
2021- Exhibition “Red Thread”. MASTERSKAYA (IMMI Gallery), Moscow
2021 –Exhibition "Nature of Life". MASTERSKAYA (IMMI Gallery), Moscow
2021 - First International Art Salon ARS TERRA, Danilovsky event hall. Moscow.
2019 - Exhibition “Reality Transformation". Participation in the Parallel Program of the 8th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art. Moscow.
2018 - Art project "Eternal Values" - "Day of France" at the Art Deco Museum. Moscow.
2018 – Exhibition “MASTERSKAYA” (IMMI Gallery), Moscow
2017 –Exhibition "Kaleidoscope", Gazprombank. Moscow.
2017 - Art-Soiree. Exhibition of works in the XOLST art zone. Pushkin Museum. Moscow.
2017 - “Open Air Route. Stops”. Parallel program of the 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art. MASTERSKAYA (IMMI Gallery). Moscow
2017 - Exhibition XOLST'17. MASTERSKAYA (IMMI Gallery). Moscow
2016 - Hanbok Fashion Show –exhibition of works in the XOLST art zone. Lotte Hotel. Moscow
2016 –Exhibition "Autumn breath", XOLST. MASTERSKAYA (IMMI Gallery). Moscow
2016 –Exhibition XOLST’16. MASTERSKAYA (IMMI Gallery). Moscow
2015 - Exhibition "Plein-Air" in the central exhibition hall of the Academy of Arts. Uzbekistan.
2015 - Exhibition of graphics by Durer and "XOLST. Graphic arts. Sketches”. MASTERSKAYA (IMMI Gallery). Moscow
2015 - Exhibition "Tête-à-Tête". Maison d'Art Gallery. Monaco
2015 - Exhibition "XOLST-V". MASTERSKAYA (IMMI Gallery). Moscow
2014 - Exhibition "Tete-a-Tete", Switzerland:
- Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Swiss Confederation, Bern.
- Art gallery "En Beauregard", Montreux (July 3 - August 27, 2014)
- Peyer Fine Art Gallery, Zurich (October 2-22, 2014)
- 10th Salon of Modern Art in Montreux.Gallery MAG Montreux Art Gallery, Montreux (November 5-9, 2014)
2014 - Exhibition "XOLST”, opening of the MASTERSKAYA Gallery (IMMI Gallery). Moscow
2013 - Exhibition "Dialogue" in the house-museum of M. Saryan. Armenia
2013 - Exhibition "XOLST. Continuation..." at MMOMA. Moscow.
2012 - Exhibition at the State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-reserve "Kazan Kremlin", HermitageCenter. Kazan
2012 - Exhibition in the art gallery "Art-Eco". Kazan
2012 - Participation in the Moscow International Art Salon "Central House of Artists-2012"
2012 –Exhibition “XOLST Etudes”. Yerevan History Museum. Armenia
2012 –Exhibition "Breath of time". Verona
2012 –Exhibition "XOLST - 12", Gallery "Kino". Moscow
2011 - "The Palette of Time". Gallery "Drevo", Moscow
2011 - "Time to Paint". Personal exhibition of Irina Kovalevskaya in the Art Library. A.P. Bogolyubova
2011 –“Plein-Air in Pollença”, Mallorca, Spain
2011 –“XOLST. The Beginning”, Gazprombank, Moscow
2011 –“XOLST. Meeting with Provence”. Le Mouline de Aure. Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France
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