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The artists Marianna Chayka and Irina Kovalevskaya presented the audience with stories dedicated to the deep meaning of simple things at the exhibition “Nature of Life”.

Admiring the beauty of the ordinary, the artists seem to see the subtlest side of our material world and unfold it to us with new facets and meanings.

Living nature is organized in an incredible way. Having arisen once, life has learned to reproduce itself in a huge variety. Artists reflect on how this life was born on their canvases. The answer to this question has troubled philosophers and scientists for centuries. Contradicting or helping each other, some used a theoretical approach, while others comprehended the truth through practice. The artists reflect about how their paths crossed. They show the phenomenon of the emergence of life, which can be considered from two points of view: not only the point of view of natural science, but also the philosophical one. The desire to create a unified picture of the world brought these areas together.

Based on facts obtained experimentally, science changed people's minds, created new cultural and social values, and gave meaning to existence. Philosophy, on the other hand, undertook the theoretical tasks of solving problems of worldview concerning the relationship between scientific knowledge and humanism. The problem of man is central to philosophy.At each stage of human development, ideas about the world fit into the concepts of science and philosophy that existed at that time. Both disciplines have developed together for centuries, inspiring each other with their achievements. But humanity has changed and accumulated new knowledge, and views on the origin of life have also changed.

Similarly, the artists interpret both visions through the aesthetics of life manifestations, reveal the concepts of the unity of the nature, man and society development laws.
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